How does the competition work?

Throughout September, Australians will vote for their favourite meals from their local (or not so local!) pubs.  There are 5 meal categories that you can vote for:

  • Chicken Parma or Schnitty
  • Steak
  • Burger
  • Fish and Chips
  • Pork Ribs

Voting will close at the end of September, and soon after in October, we will select the top 5 in each category which we will announce nationally.

Then, our very own panel of food experts will select the top three category finalists where they will travel around the country and try each of those meals. Once the taste-testing is completed, a grand final winner will be selected from each category.

Once the hunt is complete, our top venues in each category will be crowned and Australia will have the ultimate list of our country’s best pub meals! 

Voting will open September 1st, however venues can now register below.